Daniel N. Clark


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Historic Properties Database
Searchable database of historic properties researched by Walla Walla 2020.

Walla Walla Diversity Coalition
The W.W. Diversity Coalition works to promote communication, respect, and understanding among all members of the human community.

Rees & Sumach Community Garden
A new community garden established in Walla Walla at the corner of Rees & Sumach streets.

Clark Family Website
This is a website for the family of Edmond Lafayette Clark (1886-1945) and Pearl Hitchcock Clark (1886-1961).

Walla Walla Wheel Hoe
The rebirth of a traditional gardening tool produced in Walla Walla.

Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy
A Quaker public policy group lobbying in the public interest in Olympia and throughout the state on issues affecting state and local government and community wellbeing.

Sustainable Walla Walla
Sustainable Walla Walla envisions an economy and community for the Walla Walla area which is sustainable, through a high degree of self-reliance, conservation of resources, and mutual cooperation. Our mission is to raise public awareness of the challenges and opportunities of climate change and declining fossil fuels, resulting in area-wide planning for a renewable energy economy and a sustainable, low carbon community.

Walla Walla Friends Meeting
A local, unprogrammed Quaker group that has met for 25 years on the Whitman College campus for spiritual communion and social action.

Frenchtown Historic Site
Frenchtown Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the site of the St. Rose Mission and Cemetery, established in 1876 in the heart of the historic Frenchtown on the grounds of the 1855 Battle of Walla Walla.

The Star Project
The Star (Successful Transition And Reentry)Project is a two-prong approach to increasing the success of people releasing from incarceration: (1) by helping incarcerated people at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla prepare for successful return to their home communities throughout the state, and (2)by helping people in Walla Walla and Columbia counties who have been released from institutions throughout the state.

North Main Area Neighborhood Association
A neighborhood organization founded in 1993 and originally covering the four square blocks centered at North Main and Pacific streets in Walla Walla. It has now been expanded to cover the area from Clinton Street west to Colville, and from Isaacs/Rose north to Highway 12.

Walla Walla Treaty Councils
This site is dedicated to the Great Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855 and the Second Walla Walla Treaty Council and related events of 1856.

The Unitive Self
Material used in a Study Group on the Unitive Self

Peace Brigades International
An international peace and human rights organization working to make a space for peaceful action for justice through placing unarmed peace teams in areas of conflict.

Walla Walla Friends of Acoustic Music
A local folklore society hosting contra and other dances, concerts, coffee houses, and sing-alongs in the Walla Walla area.

Fort Walla Walla Museum Living History Company
A living history company of about 50 players bringing to life authentic people from the Walla Walla area of the 1800's.

Walla Walla 2020
A citizens group working for a liveable community in the Walla Walla area now and for future generations, by planning, advocating for, and implementing projects and policies to protect and increase our quality of life.